Mechagon + M+10 Weekly Run + Ny’alotha Heroic.

This bundle is the fastest way to get into end-game activities and top-content. You want it fast’n’furious? Do you want to dominate? This bundle is right for you. Gear up like a boss!

Product contains

Ny’alotha Heroic Mode run:

Mythic +10 Dungeon:

  • Up to 3 items 455+ item level (from the chests directly after the end of the dungeon run).
  • One 465+ item level item guaranteed from Weekly Chest.
  • You can book each run for custom date and start run at any time you want.
  • We will trade you all of the tradeable loot.

Operation: Mechagon:

  • Smooth run through the dungeon Operation: Mechagon with our top group
  • Personal loot mode run
  • Lots of 415+ loot and cool trinkets
  • 120 level character
  • Fresh raid cooldown on your character
  • 370+ gear
$292.00 starts from: $332.00