Operation: Mechagon

Operation: Mechangon is a new Mythic-only dungeon in a new 8.2 zone – Mechagon Island.

You can buy a smooth run in Operation Mechagon – our team will do everything for you. Selfplay and Account Sharing – both options are possible. All tradable loot will be yours. We will start your run within 40 minutes!

Product contains:

  • Operation: Mechagon dungeon completion
  • Personal loot you’ll get during the run
  • Chance to get 415+ loot and nice trinkets
  • Chance to get an  Aerial Unit R-21/X from King Mechagon
  • All tradable loot will be traded to you
  • Choose additional loot-traders for more loot

Additional options:

  • Selfplay – you play your own
  • All loot trade options (extra traders and VIP group) will increase your chances for loot.
  • Take notice: more traders don’t guarantee 100% additional items during the run!


    • 120 level character
Operation: Mechagon
starts from: $29.00