Solo Division Boost

League of Legends Division Boosting

Elo Division Boost will allow you to get into the Desired Division. 

  You’ll get:

Chance to get a Key or a Crate

  Extra options:

  • Specific champions – we’ll play the champions you want (+ 15% to final price)
  • Personal stream – we’ll do a stream if you need it (+ 15% to final price)
  • Express boost – we can make your order faster (+ 35% to final price)

Order delivery: 

  • Passing through one division requires approximately 2-5 days

  Requirements for Elo Boost:

  • Level 30 Summoner
  • No Low Priority Queue
  • NOTE! *In case you get less than 14 points per game, we reserve the right to convert Division Boosting into Win Boosting.

How does the Division Boost work?

Many people have no time to play a lot of games per season. There are a lot of bad players that hold your champions back. Our strong team is ready to help boost your account to the division you desire. 

Professional players have the experience to help you achieve any rank: Silver V, Gold V, Diamond V, and even Master rank. This service is available for players whose level 30 and who aren’t in Low Priority Queue.

What can the player get when buying League Rank Boost?

We’ll do the desirable division. Also, you can get Crate and Keys as drops. Our boosting site has also a few advanced options like games with specific champions and providing personal streaming.

starts from: $11.00
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Desired Rank