In short, it is an opportunity to perform any in-game task at a convenient time with our help. Yes, it’s that simple.

Many of us have faced difficulties while playing MMO-games: some of us do not have enough time to play, to keep track of current trends, others just face in-game difficulties of a different scale. Boosting is a lifehack that allows you to pass difficult, boring and time-consuming game tasks to a professional and focus on having fun.

BoostVendor.com is a service connecting professional players with gamers to troubleshoot their in-game problems or save their time.

We are a real company with a legal entity and a physical office in Europe. Our team is now consists of eight members (excluding the boosters) working worldwide. You can easily get to know each of us.

We are not just a business but gamers providing services for other gamers. We understand how it works and how to boost fast and efficiently. Our Live Chat support specialists are real people who are always happy to help and answer your questions. We work 24/7/365 – just enter “Hello!” and check it!

We use safe VPN-connection and encryption protocols to secure the boosting process and protect your personal data.

Our website is secure and certified by SSL, all payments are covered by the PayPal buyer protection. Our privacy policy complies with GDPR.

While boosting with an account sharing, our boosters observe all safety precautions and never use any exploits. Your safety and privacy is very important to us, so we will never chat with any of your friends or guild mates. If you ask, we will reply to the person in a way you prefer. If your friends are not English speakers, you can provide us with a text in your own language that our booster has to reply with. We will never mention boosting in the in-game chats as we know this could be dangerous.

We do not use bots – everything is done manually.
High Trustpilot ratings speak for themselves – just read the reviews.

1. Choose a product and specify the details. Clarify any questions via LiveChat.
2. Add to the cart and pay with a selected payment method.
3. We contact you in 5-15 minutes, clarify the information, agree on the time and start boosting.
4. We boost, stream the process and achieve the result – you are happy and leave us a review. 🙂

More details on the process can be found on the ‘How it works’ page or clarified via LiveChat.

If you choose selfplay, you are playing with your character in a group of our pro-gamers. If you choose account sharing, you provide your WoW login and password, our gamers log in in accordance with the safety measures and boost your character.

We never keep your account login and password information, you can trust our boosters. Nevertheless, you can always reset your password once the result is achieved or use two-step verification to avoid risks.

Account sharing is cheaper for just one reason – it is easier for a booster to log in an account and do the job alone rather than explain the details, the mechanics and the tactics to a new player. But still, the selfplay option is available for the majority of our products.

Here are two ways to get a refund:
1) You’ve paid for a wrong product or you don’t want to use our service, but your order fulfillment has not started yet;
2) For some reason we can’t complete your order (It may happen).

You can find more details on the “Refund policy” page.

Sure thing!

If you know what you need but you can’t find it on the website, just contact us via LiveChat and we’ll get this solved for you.

If you don’t exactly know what you need, but you have some suggestions, our LiveChat support specialist will guide you through the details and help you make up your mind.

If something needs to be found or boosted – we’ll definitely do it! 🙂

We are sure our service is high-quality and know that we work well. We will be happy to see you as a loyal customer who recommends our service to the friends. We now have some regular discounts and special offers for you and  we always can offer you some custom service with unique price.

We will launch our awesome loyalty program soon with some additional bonuses and an accumulable cashback as well as our referral program which will help you have some money from each friend.

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